Welcome to Ausfield Lubricants

Ausfield Lubricants Pty Ltd has been operating in the Oil Distribution business since 1990.


During this time our company has been known for its high standard of product and its genuine concern for our customers.


Ausfield Lubricants Pty Ltd is a very proud Australian made and Australian owned Family operated company, who strive to give you the best quality oil at the best price. Our service is second to none and word of mouth has proved this every day for the past 20+ years.


We supply all additives, engine oils, hydraulic oils, transmission oils, gear oils etc to the motor industry, factories, and virtually anyone who requires our products. Your mechanic may already be using Ausfield and if he is not ask them why?


Our customers vary between Workshops, Service stations, Forklift, Transport and Engineering Companies.


We are very proud of our staff’s commitment to our company. Every employee is fully committed to friendly customer service and the constant improving of products and services, always gaining new knowledge on all new products. If there is a question that needs to be answered give our team a call, and if we don't the answer we will do the work necessary to find out the answer for you.


Ausfield Lubricants Pty Ltd strives to expand and better the oil distribution industry and is always looking for ways to improve its resources.


Ausfield Lubricants Pty Ltd will continue to improve and expand for many years to come.


"If you need oil, Ausfield has it!"